Located below you’ll find either my CURRENT or PAST staff experiences. Next to my Rank/Server will be links to that servers Discord, Website, and Steam Community Profile Page. If you would like to see a list of my past staff applications that can be found in my VAULT (This will include staff applications that I can FIND).



  • Ex Administrator for TheCove.gg (Rust)
  • Ex Community Manager/Head Of Management for ThinBlueLine (Gmod)
  • Ex Senior Administrator for Civant Gaming (Gmod)
  • Ex Moderator for Shepard’s Villa (Discord)
  • Ex Administrator for Raid Simulator (Rust)
  • Ex Sector Lead for Icefuse.net (Rust)
  • Ex Head Administrator for Icefuse.net (Rust, 2nd time)
  • Ex Elite Administrator for Icefuse.net (CityRP) ~Gmod
  • Ex Senior Moderator for Icefuse.net (DarkRP) ~Gmod
  • Ex Admin for Piebald Gaming (ZombieRP) ~Gmod
    • [Server Shutdown]
  • Ex Admin (2nd time) for Piebald Gaming (ZombieRP) ~Gmod
    • [Server Shutdown]
  • Ex Admin for Piebald Gaming (Murder) ~Gmod
    • [Server Shutdown]
  • Ex Admin for Obelisk Gaming (ZombieRP) ~Gmod
  • Ex Staff Manager for Sigma Roleplay (DarkRP) ~Gmod
    • [Server Shutdown]
  • Ex Developer for CloroxRP (DarkRP) ~Gmod
    • [Server Shutdown]
  • Ex Trial Mod for Inferno Gaming (DarkRP) ~Gmod
  • Ex Moderator for Snow Storm Gaming (DarkRP) ~Gmod
    • [Server Shutdown]